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Chemtronics Microtip Swabs

Chemtronics Microtip Swabs

Microtips™ are designed for precision applications needing pinpoint accuracy. The tapered porous polyvinylidene fluoride tip is effective as a stylus or pick for areas with tight tolerances. The tip is attached to the handle without the use of potentially contaminating adhesives or glues. These swabs are ideal for adhesive and lubricant application.



Features & Benefits

  • Porous polyvinylidene fluoride-tipped precision cleaning tools
  • Low in extractables and low particulate levels
  • Compatible with most solvents, adhesives, coatings, and inks
  • Tapered 1.925 mm tip can be used as a stylus
  • Assembled without adhesives or glues
  • Total Swab Length: 17.0 cm
  • Head Material: porous polyvinylidene fluoride
  • Head Width & Length: 1.93 mm x 15.7 mm
  • Handle Material: Polypropylene Handle
  • Width & Thickness: 3.3 mm x 3.3 mm


  • Excellent choice for dispensing and dispersing solvents, adhesives, and primers
Shelf Life 5 Yrs
Shipping Name Swabs

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Part # Size

50 swabs per bag

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Are swabs available for cleaning static sensitive electronics?

Yes, Chemtronics offers a full line of ESD swabs. They include foam, knit polyester, or knit microfiber heads with static dissipative handles. The proprietary handle material has surface resistivity of 1.0 x 10_10 ohms/sq, and will dissipate 99% of (5 kV) charge in 0.5 seconds. This avoids static generation, and can dissipate a charge when the user is grounded.

Are Q-tips / cotton bud swabs lint free?

No, cotton bud swabs (aka Q-tips) can’t be considered lint-free. Cotton tends to lead behind threads and particulates. Open cell polyurethane foam swabs are a common, very clean replacement for cotton. If harsh solvents are being used on the swabs, or even more cleanliness is needed, knit polyester or microfiber swabs are an excellent choice.


Fiber Optic Cleaning Swabs

Cleaning swabs are an excellent cleaning tool for inaccessible fiber optic connectors on the backplane while it is still connected to the alignment sleeve. They continue to be the most dependable cleaning method in these applications. Swabs are also a good cleaning solution for any fiber optic ...
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Choosing the Best Swab for Aggressive Solvents

In precision cleaning applications, swabs can be used on their own to remove contamination. However, more often swabs are used together with a solvent to remove contamination. The success of the cleaning effort depends in part on the compatibility between the swab and the cleaning solvent.  Usi...
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