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Fusion Splice Wipes

Fusion Splice Wipes are the conveniently packaged wipes for a variety of applications. Available as presaturated wipes with an aqueous cleaning solution, these wipes are soft, low-linting and perfect for cleaning small areas.

Features & Benefits

  • Perfect for safe travel and easy transportation
  • Non-scratching, low-linting, soft and absorbent
  • Non-Flammable, Plastic safe
  • Compact size ideal for tool kits, cleaning kits, congested work benches and tight work spaces
  • FSA50 features Fiber-Wash™ AQ cleaning solution
  • RoHS compliant


  • Fusion splice clean-up
  • General precision equipment and workspace clean-up
  • Final wiping cable
  • Hard-line coax cable
  • Metal & fiber optic cable splices

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Part # Size

3.5” x 4.3” (9 cm x 11 cm)

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